We at the Canadian Aid for Poison Care and Cure are (CAPCC) dedicated to reducing illness or death from toxin exposure, serving children, youth, and adults. As a crucial health resource for Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador, and consultative services for New Brunswick, CAPCC offers comprehensive toxicological care and support.

Key Aspects of ACPC’s Mission:

24-Hour Phone Consultation

Accessible day and night for both the public and healthcare professionals to provide information on real or potential toxin exposures.

Expert Toxicological Care

We offer current, evidence-based advice and treatment recommendations for poisoned patients.

Ongoing Patient Support

Building relationships with patients and following their cases to determine outcomes.

Collaborative Healthcare Approach

Working closely with other healthcare providers and facilities to ensure coordinated and effective care.

Safe Transportation Coordination

Assisting in arranging the safest transport method for patients advised to seek treatment in healthcare facilities.

Healthcare Facility Notification

Alerting healthcare facilities about incoming patients, incident specifics, exposure concerns, and treatment advice.

Continuous Patient Monitoring

Following up with patients until a medical outcome is reached.

CAPCC’s commitment to delivering timely, expert advice and care makes it an invaluable resource for managing toxin-related health emergencies in Atlantic Canada.