Food Poisoning and General Poisoning Resources in Canada

In response to growing concerns about food and general poisoning, this page provides essential resources for Canadians. It’s crucial to be informed about the symptoms, prevention methods, and where to seek help in such cases.

Health Canada (website:

As the federal department responsible for public health, Health Canada offers comprehensive information on types of food poisoning, preventive measures, and guidelines on food safety.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (website:

Specializing in food safety, this agency provides updates on food recalls and safety alerts. It’s a key resource for current information on foodborne illnesses.

Poison Control Centers in Canada (National hotline: 1-866-797-0000)

In case of exposure to toxic substances, this hotline connects you to your nearest poison control center. They offer immediate assistance and guidance on what to do in case of poisoning.

Public Health Agency of Canada (website:

This agency provides resources on public health issues, including foodborne illnesses. Their website contains educational materials and statistics on food poisoning cases in Canada.

Canadian Paediatric Society (website:

For concerns about children’s exposure to poisonous substances, this society offers valuable advice and resources tailored for pediatric care.

Remember, in case of severe symptoms or doubts, always seek immediate medical attention. Stay informed and stay safe!