IWK Regional Poison Centre

Contact Information:
Poison Control Centre Name: IWK Regional Poison Centre
Mailing Address: 5850/5980 University Avenue
PO Box 9700
Halifax, NS B3K 6R8
Emergency Telephone Number: 1-800-565-8161 (within NS and PEI only)
(902) 470-8161 (Halifax or outside NS, PEI)
Administrative Telephone Number: (902) 470-8132
Fax Number: (902) 470-7213
Website: www.iwkpoisoncentre.ca/index.php
General Contact: Administrative e-mail: Poison.centre@iwk.nshealth.ca
Administrative Contacts / Program Leaders:  
Medical Director Dr. Nancy Murphy e-mail:
Manager Ms. Eileen Gillespie e-mail: eileen.gillespie@iwk.nshealth.ca
Clinical Leader Ms. Laurie Mosher e-mail: laurie.mosher@iwk.nshealth.ca
Province(s) Served: Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island
Language(s) of Service: English
Professional Staff and Consultants: Nurses, pharmacists
Services Provided:
Service: Poison Information
Hours/days of Operation: 24 hours per day; 7 days per week
Description: Available to Public and Health Care Professionals.
Services offered: Poisoning first aid, treatment advice, toxicology information, also provide information to both public and veterinaries on animal exposures when information is available to us.
Contact Information: 1-800-565-8161 (within NS and PEI only)
(902) 470-8161 (Halifax or outside NS, PEI)